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Sunday, 10 June 2018

How to hide any folder on my desktop

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

how to share your hard disk in windows 7

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

8 Powerful Tools To Make You a Social Media Expert

To be more efficient and free time for other tasks, you only have two options. Make social networking efforts to an outside agency or invest in real tools. For many small businesses with small marketing budgets, outsourcing is not an option. If you are such a type of business, be sure to visit this list of tools that will literally turn you into a social media specialist.

1. Hootsuite

HootSuite is primarily a tool for monitoring programs and social networks. Works with over 35 social networks and has a great analytical capacity that gives you a deep picture of how your audience relates to your publications.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is primarily a notification service and a web tracker. Google Alerts is the best way to check the web for your brands, yourself, your competitors, or any other item you want to track. Just log in to using your Google Account and write the word or phrase you want to receive. At any time, Google or Google indexes a word or phrase, you will receive an email alert to check the link. This allows you to keep track of important things that can affect your business.

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3. Puffer

If a fantastic social media programming tool has already been created, it must be a buffer. Buffer puts the following programs on steroids. All you have to do is paste the interface content into the interface, then select the publishing program. After that, the application is put into automatic publishing service for you. With the basic premium plan that costs $ 100 per month, you can schedule up to 100 publications on different social networks. The analysis of links is also convincing and very easy to understand, especially for beginners. If you need to reprogram the publications do not need to copy and paste the link, just scroll down and click on the "Read" and publications returns to the queue for programming.


Buzzzso is a content marketing and SEO tool. With this tool, you can find the content that best suits your business and determine the main impacts on social networking.

5. Meeting Title Analyzer

As its name suggests, CoSchedule helps you write interesting titles. It does so by taking into account the structure of words, emotions, structure, duration, emotional attraction and many other elements. Writing better titles allows you to get more participation, participation, and traffic in your blog posts. CoSchedule has plans for solopreneurs and large teams.

6. Canva

Canva is a tool for creating and publishing visual content. As you know, visual content is important in social networks. Visual content attracts more participation. Canva has many tools to help you create exceptional visual content from the extensive design library. You do not need graphic design skills to start using Canva. After creating your content, you can publish it to multiple social media accounts at the touch of a button.

7. TailWind

While most of the apps above are used with a large number of social networks, TailWind focuses on Pinterest and Instagram. Use this tool to discover content, schedule publications, track conversations, expand reach, and analyze results.

8. Hiplay

Puffer is a social networking tool that integrates with a buffer. Temporary storage of content is repeated. Its base level is $ 5 per month for the first three social media profiles. Once you have a subscription, give Hiplay Access to the Buffer.

Three columns separate each profile from social networks. Everything that has already been published by Buffer appears in an untreated card. Just select the content you want to automatically buffer and display in the correct column. Depending on how often you set up, Hiplay will randomly select the audience you want to store again. If you want to delete the publication, simply click on Archiving and archiving and vice versa if you change. HiPlay closes the automation clip to the clipboard where you need to temporarily save the content.


This list is certainly not exhaustive. There are hundreds of social media tools that simplify tasks and do more. But that's it
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Monday, 13 November 2017

2017, Best Buy's Black Friday

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Businesses and industries all around the world today have come to open their arms to truly accept the Blockchain technology as a ground breaking evolution, that has come to stay and will have a huge impact on businesses that are still stuck with traditional ways of providing

Nigeria has one of the largest economies in sub-Saharan Africa and has been on the global map as a crypto-compliant nation but has never
engineered any blockchain innovation. Today Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to launch its own blockchain Technology.

AbjCoin is the First Nigerian Blockchain solution for global payments, it promises to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world,
blockchain Technology wise.

The AbjCoin uses a special algorithm, the POW/POS to secure the blockchain network. The moment you acquire AbjCoin core PC software, it becomes an interest bearing asset with 15% return per year through the POS mining. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coin in your AbjCoin core wallet.

The Abjcoin is currently running its initial coin offering ICO of 9 million AbjCoin (9,000,000 ABJ) that will run through till the 30th of
September 2017 at 50 cents ($0.50).

After a successful ICO, The AbjCoin promises great innovative and revolutionary change to Africa’s digital assets space, which includes
developing a successful Auto trader Bot and exchange to fiat currencies in Africa, listing AbjCoin in 3 major international exchanges, coin market cap and integrate merchants for both online and offline stores to accept AbjCoin.

One of the major developments AbjCoin ICO sales will help birth is the establishment of a Blockchain institute in Africa. We believe that this
institute will bring the best heads in the blockchain industry to help students take advantage of the industry to foster a pan African economic
and infrastructural development. The official launch and press conference for Abjcoin has been slated with the details below:

Date; 15th September 7, 2017
Venue: Grand cubana, 6 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, off Mike Akhibe Street, Jabi,
Abuja Nigeria
Time: 11am prompt
Register for free at
We strongly believe that the Abjcoin holds a lot of promise and will
foster trade, ecommerce, banking and educational development.
For more info about visit
Block Explorer : 
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Follow ICO sales:
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Friday, 23 June 2017

The Final StableInfinix Hot 4 +2 (X557) Receives Nougat 7.0 Updates

Since when beta 1 was released, those that migrated from marshm allow to android nougat 7.0 have been experiencing bugs with the ROM. Beta 2 was released some weeks back to fix some major bugs and now, the final update is out.
android nougat 7.0

The update is the first nougat stable update for infinix hot 4+2(X557) there is no news about infinix hot 4+1 and hot 4 pro receiving the update  but there is every possibility because; infinix engineers are working tirelessly to make it happen. The update is a T-card file and has not been rolled out via OTA update but you can install it manually pending the time all infinix hot 4 users will receive the update over the air.
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How To Install The Stable Nougat Update For Hot 4
•Download the android nougat T- card update
•Place it in the root of your memory card then go to system update
•Choose install from T-card then navigate to where the file is.
•Your phone will reboot and the upgrading process will start.
Note:If your phone is rooted, please don't try this or else you will brick your phone.
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Get Your Business Listed On Nigeria's Largest Coupon Book

“ENJOY-LAGOS” is a Discount Publication Project aimed at stimulating the local economy while offering attractive discounts to shoppers, tourists and visitors to Lagos state. ENJOY AFRICA Discounts & Tours is its parent company.

ENJOY-LAGOS will collate thousands of special offers and rebates from local retailers, and make them available to the public. Their quarterly publication would contain about 350 Coupon Pages of discounts worth over 5 million Naira.

To be distributed to

  • Domestic and International Airports

  • Local and International Airlines

  • Duty Free Shops

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Malls

  • Tourist, Arts and Culture Centers

“ENJOY-LAGOS” also seeks to be the largest operator of Africa-tours in exposing tourists and visitors alike to Africa's endless picturesque beaches, sun-touched sand dunes, and open blue skies at an affordable cost.

This project is aimed at being the most trusted guide to discovering Africa's 54 countries each with its own proud history, flourishing arts and culture, diverse urban and rural inhabitants, and culinary indulgences through their discount offers.

In promoting travel, tourism and transport to and within Africa; “ENJOY-LAGOS”will also be promoting the sustainable development and preservation of each country's unique cultural heritage in an effort to advocate for Africa as a leading global travel destination.

Enjoy-Lagos is the ideal leisure handbook
For every household, it caters to every class of shoppers.
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TROPIDOC LEVERAGES TECH TO HELP PATIENTS FIND SPECIALIST CARE IN REAL TIME, a new platform that provides a channel for patients to instantly reserve spots in scarce and difficult to find specialist clinics currently covers Abuja and recently opened up Nasarawa as they continue their gradual nationwide expansion. Tropidoc indexes clinics that run within health facilities and hospitals and helps patients to reserve spots in those clinics. Patients can find when a particular specialist clinic will run in a particular hospital within the week and can go ahead and reserve an appointment to consult with the specialist. Plagued with shortage of health care specialists, it takes an average two to three weeks and multiple referrals to find and reserve appointments to see specialists in most tertiary health institutions in Nigeria. However several of these specialist clinics run in various hospitals daily. Tropidoc eliminates this problem by providing a platform where patients can instantly find these clinics and reserve appointments instantly, including same-day appointments. Patients can also review hospitals and clinics they have visited. These reviews are unique because only patients that have actually kept an appointment with a clinic can actually review it. Tropidoc also benefits hospitals as it provides them wider visibility and helps them attract new patients About Tropidoc Tropidoc was founded by a team of two doctors and an engineer - Drs Kizito Egeonu and Mak Milaham and Engr Charles Nwocha. Frustrated by how difficult it is to get their referred patients to see a specialist as soon as possible and how difficult to find specialist clinics to refer to, the trio set out to code this project. They bring a combined 8 years experience in healthcare and extensive entrepreneurial experience in various fields to the table.
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) receives FCC certification

samsung galaxy
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The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), available here in WFA's WF-certificate and WF-certificates, prompted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the EUA to carry out the certification of SIM cards on dual-SIM cards.
FCC certification

Selon has included a list of available devices, and the device is equipped with a quadruple processor of 1.4 GHz and 4.8 degree pixels. RAMs 2 go away and then appear within 16 Go. There is a 12 MP and 5 MP front panel display. Get Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.
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